The application “Facebook” cannot be opened solution

I recently kept getting this error when trying to launch the Facebook iPhone application. I did some research and found that I was not alone.

It seems like the only solution to get it working again is to simply remove the Facebook app completely from iTunes and the iPhone then reinstall it from the App Store. I tried to restart the iPhone and that did nothing but you should try that first. When you go to download the app again, you may be prompted with this dialog box:

Just click OK and once it’s done downloading, sync the iPhone, and you’re done. It should now work and you will have the latest version. I have also been having several issues with downloading app updates and getting them to sync properly once they are downloaded. Hopefully, these bugs will be fixed with the next iPhone software update.

I can also imagine this simple approach will work if you are getting a similar error message with other applications.

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By Pichan

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