Few More Thoughts on Zappos

On the May cover of Inc. magazine right now is an article called “Why Everybody Loves Zappos“. If you are a blogger or just very active online, you have probably already been hearing a ton about Zappos and their CEO, Tony Hsieh. The main reason I enjoyed this article is because it gives us a more in-depth look into the company culture and Tony’s personality. You know a company is consistently innovating when you find yourself learning something new every time you read or watch something about it. Did you know that Zappos managers are required to spend 10-20% of their time messing around with the employees they manage?

To get an even better idea of what Zappos looks like on the inside without reading up or taking a tour of their headquarters in Las Vegas, take a look at their YouTube Channel (where most of the videos are employee generated). At the moment, I can’t think of any other company that is empowering employees to use social media in this way . I already knew about the employee parades, but who knew they had a head shaving day? I think there is obviously a lot to learn about this approach of running a fast growing company with such a high level of transparency and giving employees this much freedom.

I wonder if Tony predicted how much attention and consistently great PR Zappos would get for operating the way they do. Why is it that I have blogged about them not one, or two, but three times now? It’s well known that they hit $1 billion in revenue last year and only recently have they started to actually spend money on TV advertising.

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By Pichan

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