Leopard Missing Hard Drive Bug

Many people (including myself) may have panicked a little when Leopard did not recognize their internal hard drive. It will, however, locate an external hard drive if you have one connected. There should be no reason to use disk utility or resort to a clean install if this happens to you.

After doing some research on the Apple support forums, I found a simple suggestion and solution in this discussionjust wait. It took my computer a few minutes before my hard drive appeared to gray out and then a minute later I was able to select it. Other people have reported it took up to 15 minutes for their hard drive to appear. It should not make any difference whether you have Disk Utility open or not.

Forum member ‘fan control’ explains what is most likely happening:

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When Leopard checks for available installation volumes it does a quick check to find out if the file system is dirty/clean. If the file system is dirty than Leopard does a full file system-check on that volume. This process is running in the background and makes the volume disappear. The file system check can take up to 20 minutes depending on the size, speed and number of files on your drive. Once the file system check is finished, the volume should reappear. As it turns out the file system check on Leopard works different than on Tiger.

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Apple should really have included a progress bar when the check is running (rather than doing it in the background) and letting the user know what is going on.

I definitely agree, a progress bar would have been smart. My total install took over an hour and went very smooth otherwise. I did the default upgrade and everything was exactly as I had left it in Tiger which was very comforting.

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