I want to share with everyone the email I sent out recently to try and get my co-workers to see the value in Twitter and start using it. I have included that email below (after making some changes to make it more generic and as short as possible). Feel free to copy, edit, and send out the email to your co-workers or friends.

Dear non-Twitter users,

I want to introduce you to Twitter. It’s a micro-blogging tool which I have found to be very valuable in networking and learning new information. If you don’t even have a facebook or LinkedIn account, then just ignore this – you won’t be interested in Twitter because it’s not for everyone. I didn’t think it would be useful at first but after using it for several months that has changed and I have even networked with some cool people because of Twitter.

First, watch this if you have no idea what Twitter is about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o

Second, read this guide by the CEO of Zappos (the largest online shoe retailer here in the US) http://twitter.zappos.com/start. He wrote this open letter to try and get his employees to start using Twitter after he found value in it. He now has 448 out of his 1,600 employees using Twitter to get to know other co-workers and stay in touch with each other. Besides networking, it’s also used by brands for PR/customer service purposes which is what many major companies are already doing including Starbucks, Honda, Virgin America, and Dell.

Lastly, read this blog post I wrote about getting started and using Twitter for business networking and also make sure to read about proper Twitter etiquette.

I also thought it would cool to setup a TigerSpike account for the company. Once we build up our company account we could use it to get feedback, keep in touch with clients, and announce company news and new projects.

Out of the 35 people at my company, I got 5 people to sign up within a day so then I sent this follow-up email to those people:

Hey guys,

Glad to see I got at least a few people to sign up so far Just wanted to follow-up with a few more pointers. It’s important once you get started to start searching for interesting people and follow them:

– Use the search found here: https://twitter.com/invitations (click on the ‘Search’ tab) and enter keywords words that might interest you like ‘mobile new york’ and ‘advertising syndey’ or check out some of the people I started following on my account: http://twitter.com/jsmakr/friends.

– At the bare minimum, please fill out your full name and Bio so you look legit and people follow you back.

– It’s annoying to have to navigate to the twitter site all the time, so I use a desktop client called Thwirl to see updates, respond, and update my account. Download it and let me know if you have any questions setting it up.


Since these emails were sent, there was a great webinar with video and slides by HubSpot for beginners on How to Use Twitter for Marketing & PR which I would have included somewhere in the first email.

Did I miss any other vital information or links that should be essential for beginners? Let me know if you have trouble copying and pasting the info with working links and I will help you out. Connect with me on Twitter @jsmakr. Also read our new Android and iOS article collection.

By Pichan

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