Funny Interview Stories

I came across this article on the Fortune website titled 10 dumbest job-interview moves. After reading the article, I went on to read the comments and many of them definitely had me laughing. Here are some of my favorites:

I was interviewing a middle-aged man and asked why he was interested in a job as a complaint-intake person. He said that he really needed insurance because his wife had numerous health issues and he knew our health insurance coverage was great!

– Posted By Jane, Madison, WI

My roommate worked for GE and he brought a resume home to show me – a guy applying for an internship had his email address on his resume listed as ‘’.

– Posted By Anonymous

My medical group was interviewing physicians to join our practice. One candidate asked one of our female partners to introduce him to all the “hot nurses”. (He didn’t get the position.)

– Posted By Elizabeth Wallen, Columbus, OH

People who have FedEx’d there resume to me, using their current employers airbill number (charging them for it).

– Posted By David Clark, Mobile, AL

I group-interviewed an applicant who took a cell phone call and we sat waiting for at least 5 minutes while she went outside and took it. She came back and explained that that was her husband – they were trying to start a real estate business on the side and they always had to be available to take phone calls.

– Posted By Anne, Chapel Hill, NC

Looking for unskilled labor I asked a candidate could he draw a straight line. His reply was that he was not aware the position was that complicated.

– Posted By Joe Clarke, Brisbane, Australia

Had a young man come in for an interview, nice suit, clean, sharp and had two different color shoes on. Hired him on the spot. Oh his nick name soon became 2 shoes.

– Posted By Dave, Boca Raton, Fl

I am an executive recruiter. Following an interview, my applicant called to tell me how well it had gone. The hiring manager did not agree with that assessment, as the interviewee had vomited on the interviewer’s desk.

– Posted By Mick, Yorktown, NY

When I asked an applicant to tell me some of her positive traits she paused and then said, “The only time that I get drunk is on the weekends!”

– Posted By John Galbreath, Collinwood, TN

I once had a candidate tell me he loved the job and the responsibilities it entailed, as well as the salary being offered, however he had to decline it since the title wasn’t important enough and was concerned how it would appear on his business cards (you can’t make this stuff up!).

– Posted By Mario, NJ

I was interviewing a candidate and I asked him what the biggest misconception his boss had about him? He told me, “that I actually work 8 hours a day, I am on the internet surfing the web all the time.” Needless to say, I did not hire him.

– Posted By Carol, Boston, MA

When I joined the Navy, the recruiter asked, “Can you swim?” I replied, “Why, don’t you have ships?

– Posted By W. E. Gutman, Tehachapi, CA

A friend said a company should hire him, because he could work under extreme pressure, unstable weather conditions and under high temperatures such as 100 F…this was to work on computers in an office environment.

– Posted By Orsi, Germany

Sure some of these may be fake, but they are still entertaining. What is frightening is that most of these probably are true and how completely oblivious some people are to proper interviews.

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By Pichan

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